July 11th, 2013

Sick (1/1)

This is super short and it somehow turned into Punky Monkey with past (?) Cophine. Y’all should just think of it as a follow up to (maybe spinoff from would be more accurate) ‘Lies' okay?

“Cos?” Sarah called, rapping lightly on the closed door to the bathroom from which a hacking coughing sounded. She’d already tried to open the door but apparently Cosima had locked it, something she never usually did. “Cosima let me in.”

“I’m fine Sarah, go back to bed!” Cosima barely managed to respond before she was overcome with another coughing fit.

“I’m not going back to bed , let me in.” Sarah jiggled the handle firmly, enough to make the door rattle. “Cosima!”

A couple of long moments passed before the sound of coughing slowed.

“Cosi…” Sarah trailed off when she heard the distinct sound of the lock being released on the other side of the door. It was pulled open by a fraction to reveal Cosima standing there, most of her weight leaning on the door.

“See?” Cosima rasped her hand still cupped in front of her mouth. “I’m fine.”

Sarah pushed on the door, urging Cosima back into the bathroom.

Cosima quickly positioned herself in front of the bathroom sink. “Sarah, just go back to bed. It’s probably just the flu or something.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes for a moment before she stepped forward, sidestepping Cosima and stared into the sink. The dread that had filled her only intensified at the sight of blood spattered clearly across the white porcelain of the sink. She stepped back until she was once again standing in front of Cosima, “Cosima, this isn’t the flu. It’s back again isn’t it?”

Cosima lowered her hand from her mouth and nodded slowly, aware that continuing to lie wouldn’t work. “It’s exactly like before.”

“Okay,” Sarah breathed out, raking a hand through her hair. “We have to call…”

“No.” Cosima interrupted adamantly. “We’re not calling her Sarah. No.”

“What else am I supposed to do about this?” Sarah gestured towards the stained sink. “I can’t help you Cosima. Delphine is…”

“Is the person who broke my heart?” Cosima finished for her, her voice quaking with emotion. “That’s who Delphine is Sarah…or don’t you remember?”

“I’m sorry, of course I remember.” Sarah said apologetically. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Cosima’s shoulders, pulling her close. She’d seen the state of Cosima after what Delphine had done. Her heartache hadn’t faded for months and even now it wasn’t completely gone.  “I didn’t think, I’m sorry.”

Cosima nodded against Sarah’s shoulder.

Sarah was silent for a moment before she spoke up in a whisper, “I don’t want to call her anymore than you do Cos…for selfish reasons. But I don’t want to lose you either.”

Even if called her means I could lose you in a different way Sarah thought, a lump forming in her throat. Despite the relationship she currently maintained with Cosima being pretty much perfect, Sarah couldn’t help but fear that if Delphine showed up old feelings would resurface.

Cosima didn’t say anything for a few seconds but eventually she eased herself out of Sarah’s embrace. “I know.”

“We have to call her.” Sarah said softly.

“I know.” Cosima closed her eyes for a moment before she reopened them and offered Sarah a shaky smile. “It’ll be okay.”

Sarah swallowed heavily and nodded in response. There was no way Cosima could know that, there were too many ways the situation could go wrong. Forcing herself to ignore her niggling fears Sarah pressed a light kiss to Cosima’s lips. “Come back to bed?”

Cosima nodded, grazing her hand down Sarah’s arm until she tangled their fingers together. “Lead the way.”


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