December 10th, 2012

Happy to see you (1/1)

Just a mini fic about wolf!Ruby acting like an excited puppy. Emma returns from a trip (maybe to find Bae?) and wolf!Ruby is happy to see her. Ruby is in wolf form…because of reasons.

Emma finally managed to disengage herself from Henry and offered Regina a small smile before looking towards her slightly teary eyed mother. All three of them had been waiting for her at the edge of the forest when she’d taken the steps past the barrier and she’d instantly been bombarded with hugs from both Henry and Snow. Regina had been more reserved of course but Emma could see that she was glad to have her back. “I’d hate to see what you’d be like if I left for a month.”

Snow looked horrified by the statement. “A week is more than long enough.” Unable to hold herself back she stepped forward again and hugged Emma from the side.

“You knew I was going to come back.” Emma grumbled though she didn’t break free from the embrace as she usually would have. During her time away from Storybrooke she’d been surprised that she had missed the inhabitants as much as she had. A sudden thought occurred to her. “Where’s…David?”

“He wanted to be here but he couldn’t get away from his duties as stand in Sheriff.” Snow explained quickly. “He’ll be waiting when we get back to town.”

“I guess we should get going then.” Emma said, finally freeing herself from Snow’s tight embrace. She had only taken a couple of steps away when she stopped short, her eyes widening in alarm.

“What is that?” She exclaimed, her voice taut with panic as she pointed at the rapidly approaching animal. Belle was running along behind it, obviously trying to keep up but Emma’s mind didn’t process that. It was too busy telling her to run.

“Emma’s it okay…” Snow started as she watched her daughter shrink back as the wolf advanced on them.

Emma didn’t listen, instead taking a few quick steps back at the large wolf approached her. In typical Emma style she ended up falling over her own feet. She hit the ground, knocking the wind from her lungs and a second later the wolf was on top of her, pinning her shoulders to the ground with it’s paws. Unable to throw her arms out to defend herself Emma shrieked and slammed her eyes shut, expecting to feel teeth tearing through her flesh at any second. Instead what she felt was a wet tongue beginning to enthusiastically lick her face.

“What…?” Emma opened her eyes to look at the slobbering wolf on top of her only to be greeted with an enthusiastic look. She groaned and turned her face to the side, trying to escape the wolf’s tongue.

“It’s just Ruby Emma.” Henry said with a grin.

“Ruby or not, it’s drooling on me!” Emma exclaimed as she thrashed under the wolf who continued to lick any part of Emma’s face she could reach. “Would someone get her off me?!” Nobody made any move and Snow even had the audacity to laugh at her. “Regina!”

Regina was busy trying to hide a smirk behind her hand. “What makes you think she would listen to me Miss Swan?”

Emma made a loud noise of frustration and Belle who had just caught up, took pity on her.

“Come on Ruby.” Belle uttered, gently tugging the wolf off Emma. Distracted, Ruby allowed herself to be dragged away and sat down at Belle’s feet.

Emma clambered to her feet and wiped the saliva from her face as best she could with the arm of her jacket. “Why didn’t you stop her?”

The question was directed at Snow who smiled innocently. “She was just happy to see you.”

Emma harrumphed at turned to glare at wolf Ruby. She was met with innocent puppy dog eyes and she had to force herself to hold the glare. “Don’t give me that look. I’m soaked!”

Ruby whimpered softly at the berating and Emma instantly melted much to her own annoyance. With a sigh she stepped closer to Ruby and gave her an awkward pat on the head. “Just don’t do it again.”

Ruby’s ears pricked up and she mischievously licked Emma’s hand much to the amusement of Snow, Belle, Regina and Henry.

“Damn it Ruby!”


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