September 22nd, 2014

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hey, raven…i’d pick you first.

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Panna or paily? In ur opinion
Asketh - Anonymous

Well Paily is my OTP of all OTPs so…Paily.

I really love your fics girl!!! Take a change and Amnesia?? Those are the best, ok in my opinion well done. Side note: please write a cute scenes with Amnesia :(
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Thank you! I’m glad you like those ones! I love writing them. The next chapter of Amnesia will hopefully be up in the next few days, and I’ll try to include some cute scenes.

I'm actually dying to read the next Take a Chance chap!!! Omg this is GRREAT love the angst. You write panna and paily so well I don't even know who I'm in favour of anymore!!! God u cause angst in my heart <3 love you!
Asketh - Anonymous

Thanks! I do like to cause some angst, and I’m glad you liked the chapter! :D

Wait, we won't get to see Hanna find out that Paige didn't choose Emily?!? Just like a quick scene??? Because that would have to be a really confusing moment for her and really interesting, because if she was just starting to accept that Paige didn't choose her and then she finds out that Paige didn't actually reject her exactly... my heart! And how does she find out/who tells her???
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Yeah, I don’t really think it would be a hugely important scene to include so I’m just going to skip it. Plus I’m skipping ahead a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll give it a mention or something though.

Hi ;) how are you?
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Pretty good, how about you? :))

September 21st, 2014

Hmm.. Now you wake up my curiousity :D. So I am really looking forward for the next chapeter (and I am willing to wait, so take as much time as you need :D... But if you meanwhile wrote another chapter of Only love can hurt like this, I wouldn´t be mad at you :D) - W
Asketh - Anonymous

Haha, I will probably continue that soon. Maybe in a few days to a week or so. :))

Yes I agree. It would be really interesting watching all of them. How they handle the new situation. Paige didn´t choose either of them (am I guessing right that Hanna don´t know this yet? Consider how she ran away after Paige told her she didn´t chose her), so all of them are single all of the sudden. Maybe it´s for the best... - W
Asketh - Anonymous

Hmm, well I can tell you that I plan to skip forward a couple of weeks in the next chapter so we won’t see Hanna not knowing that Paige didn’t choose Emily. And Hanna and Emily being single (or at least ‘alone’) is something else we won’t be seeing much of. 

I´ve just finnished the latest chapter of Take a chance. I think it was pretty smart from Paige not to choose any of them. She need to take some time for herself. I get she love them both, but just like she said.. When she would make that choice, someone will end up hurt. I love how noble Paige is. Choosing Hanilly friendship over her own relationship with both of them. I think it wasn´t easy for her, but I love her descision (end of part one :D) - W
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Part two: I just don´t get Emily and her begging. She had so many chances with Paige and she blown all of them up but she still has audacity to beg Paige for another one? She really reminds me that kid with toys.. Like when a child has so many toys he/she doesen´t play with, but take one of them from her/him and they want it immidately back.. That´s why I think Paige´s desciscion was very smart (and brave, because she hurt herself pretty badly too). Great chapter - W

Thanks, I’m glad you liked the chapter! And yeah, that’s exactly what Emily is like, she takes what she has for granted until it’s gone. But taking that into account, it would be interesting to see how Emily would act now that Hanna isn’t with Paige.