October 1st, 2014

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CATS is a post apocalyptic zombie paily fanfiction and it is AMAZING. You would love it and I'm serious it's definitely not a waste of time I really think you should read it sometime (written by drivingincircles) you won't regret it! It's like one of my favs right now right alongside Locus Tenens, Amnesia, and Take a Chance ;)
Asketh - Anonymous

Well zombies I like the sounds of so I might read it eventually when I have some time…maybe. It takes a lot for me to motivate myself to actually read fanfiction but I do have sudden urges. 

September 30th, 2014

Have you been reading compete against the stars???
Asketh - Anonymous

Nope. Is that fanfiction? I don’t read a lot of fanfiction, I pretty much only go for the odd fanfics, you know like with an obscure/less popular/not canon ship.

Playing through Tomb Raider for like the fifth time and I’m still amazed at the excellence of this game. 

I’m not a dude. I was born intersex.
The pills I take are hormone replacements.

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Hanna Marin + Blue

Hanna’s baby blues look especially gorg when she rocks blue!


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