September 3rd, 2014


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Ooooh name one time Emily yells at Paige in superhero au that she doesn't regret at all
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Definitely the time Paige goes rogue. I’m pretty sure that’s somewhere in my superhero AU headcanon. That she goes rogue for a while. Probably because of what happened with Mona, Emily would be pretty pissed about that. 


season 6, episode 11: “standards and practices”


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emily fields + caring about/being in love with paige 

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Sasha in season 1 and season 5.

Still beautiful!

Baby babe and mega babe

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In the Superhero AU, how does Hanna react to Mona getting killed?
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Badly. Very badly. She pretty much locks herself in her room and cries for like a week which only serves to make Paige feel worse about the whole thing. 

Oohh drama, does Emily get hurt in any way or need to be saved by Paige? How does Emily react to Paige yelling? Is there a period of time Paige won't talk to her or do they resolve it right away?
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I think Emily would probably end up being kidnapped and maybe roughed up a bit but other than that I think she would be fine. 

She would probably be in shock because Paige has never really yelled at her before. She would get over that pretty quickly though and end up apologizing so they would pretty much resolve it right away.

Monaria questions:

Does Aria ever make Mona stuff like jewelry?: Yeah, I feel like she would just surprise Mona with small gifts of like jewellry she’s made. 

Would Mona actually like it or wear it only to be nice?: Mostly just to be nice. Her style and Aria’s style aren’t really compatible. 

Does Mona buy Aria stuff, and would Aria be okay with that?: Most of the time Aria would be okay with it unless Mona bought her something crazy expensive - something she would do for Aria’s birthday. 

If they were to get married, would they fight over money?: Nah. not really. Just like…who pays for dates.

What would be some obstacles in their relationship?: The whole A thing obviously, Aria’s friends’ feelings toward Mona, Alison, and what they’re going to do about college.

If they ever had a threesome who’d be their third?: Mona suggested Hanna, that was quickly shut down by Aria because of Mona’s feelings for Hanna. Aria suggested Spencer and Mona shut that down for the same reason. Emily. They would go with Emily if she wasn’t with Paige at the time. 

Does Mona hold Aria during horror movies: Yeah, for sure. Aria pretty much demands it.