July 28th, 2014

Some take a chance fanart

Fanart? For my fic?! Aaaah, thank you! I love it!!

Some take a chance fanart

Fanart? For my fic?! Aaaah, thank you! I love it!!

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Hehe, yes after the reaction to the last chapter I thought it would be best to update it quickly. :))

Are you still writing Amnesia?
Asketh - Anonymous


Link to the next chapter of take a chance?
Asketh - Anonymous

Are you planning to update Don't Tell? Or have you ended that one?
Asketh - Anonymous

Hmmm…I’m not sure about that. Maybe I will. 

Is amnesia going to be updated anytime soon?
Asketh - taylstorm

Yep! In a few days! :))

thank you so much for 'take a chance'! is the best fic that i'm reading right now, no doubt about it! ♥
Asketh - hannaknows-whathannameans

Aaaw, thanks! I’m glad you like it!

I vote panna you know Emily is always ditching paige and paige is always there when she want her back! Emily must learn in the fic at least
Asketh - Anonymous

While it’s not really a matter of votes, your opinion has been noted! :))

nooooo... you can't i love paily and all but please dont make "take a chance" a paily fic cause Paige/hannah are super adorable and i couldn't take it if they broke up so please made them work it out make paige choose hannah, let paige explain to hannah what happen, let hannah and emily fight for paige but please dont end the story with paige choosing emily, i love the stories that you write whit paily being the final couple but this time im begging you end this story with panna (paige/hanna)
Asketh - mchastings10

Hmm, well I kind of made it seem like Paily would be the endgame couple but in earlier chapters, I’ve made it seem like Panna would be the endgame ship so really there’s no telling. I do take into account everyone’s opinion regarding this though. 

Basically the only ship I can say for sure will not be endgame is Pannily.